Top points to do in Manali

a two of hot air balloons in the mountains in Manali
a two of hot air balloons in the mountains in Manali

Are you looking for a memorable holiday full of breathtaking views and adventure? Look no further than Manali! Snuggled in the stunning hillsides of Himachal Pradesh in India, this stunning town supplies a multitude of interesting tasks and attractions for all sorts of travellers. From tranquil natural landscapes to awesome experiences in sports, Manali has something for every person.

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Once you arrive in Manali, prepare to be captivated by its spectacular elegance. The community is bordered by snow-capped heights, lush valleys, and gushing rivers, offering a breathtaking backdrop for your vacation. Whether you enjoy hiking, paragliding, winter sports or want to unwind among nature, Manali has everything.

Besides its natural marvels, Manali is also known for its cultural heritage. Discover the ancient Hadimba Devi Temple, which is devoted to the siren Hadimba, or go to the Manu Holy Place, which is believed to be the abode of Manu, the initial human according to Hindu folklore.

Top points to Do in Manali

Take a Paragliding Experience

Paragliding is the very best task in Manali in terms of functions. Paragliding in the Solang Valley with a loved one brings a one-of-a-kind adventure. Ever before taken into consideration taking to the skies without wings?

Solang Valley is a location that satisfies wanderlust hunters and supplies the chance to fly like a cost-free bird high below the lovely sky. Participating in thrilling and adventurous sporting activities helps one dominate all of their internal fears and experience adrenaline gushing through their blood vessels.

The best times are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in January and May and from October to December. The cost of tasks varies per person from 600 to 1800 INR.

River Rafting on the Beas River

Among the best things to do in Manali is go river rafting. There are several unique activities along the Beas River, which streams through the mountainous atmosphere. Please wait for the euphoria of making it through the swift waves of a plethora. Lots of vacationers in Manali consider this to be one of their favourite experiences.

River Beas is also one of India's top rafting areas. There are very easy routes ideal for beginners and challenging ones for experienced travelers. Pirdi features a water sports centre with a variety of daring tasks.

june and July are the finest months to go river rafting in Manali. While the gale does avoid travelling for a few months, it begins in late October and lasts until the beginning of February.

Manu Holy Temple

Manali's marvellous Manu Holy Temple is well worth a browse through. It is devoted to the sage Manu, who is attributed with composing the Manusmriti and producing deep space. Old Manali is the location of the Manu Holy place. The River Beas enhances the charm of this place despite its high level of congestion.

Among Manali's significant draws is the holy place, which also provides impressive views of the town and valley. To enter the sacred place, one must wear clothes that cover the shoulders and knees. In and of itself, the walk to the holy place is a memorable experience.

Hidimba Devi Temple.

Are you interested in why this temple is amongst the most effective websites to see in Manali? Hidimba Devi Temple is located in harmony amongst mountains covered in snow. This uncommon temple honours the spouse of Bhima and the mother of the fabled number Ghatothkach from the Mahabharata.

It is worth seeing the holy place since it is exceptionally created and constructed in a totally unique building design. This temple is a pleasant hideaway for anybody seeking to relax and enjoy some solitude in the middle of nature because of its peaceful, calm setting.

Naggar Castle

Among the best things to do at Manali is to see Naggar Castle, a spectacular mediaeval structure set amidst gorgeous wooded hillsides. This palace was the home of Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu.

Built-in 1460, Naggar Castle is a striking instance of the blend of European and Himalayan architectural styles. It is composed of rock and wood.

Impressive masterpieces are on exhibit for art fanatics. Check out the works by distinguished Russian painter Nicholas Roerich.

In 1978, the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Growth Firm (HPTDC) converted the castle into a historic hotel.

You need to see this sight if you are checking out Manali. Bring home typical tokens such as wall hangings, vintages, and artworks' impacts from Roerich.

Go To Old Manali.

For tourists on a tight budget plan, the hamlet village of ancient Manali, which lies just outside the significant community, is the optimal area to unbox. This enchanting little town is widely known for its outside tasks and rustic charms.

There are riverfront cafés and dining establishments where you can take a break while enjoying a delicious variety of meals in a rustic setting with online music and home entertainment. You will undoubtedly have an utterly different experience at Old Manali since it is situated in a distinctive environment from the primary town.

Rock Climbing

Owing to its impressive views and rugged surface, rock climbing is among the best journey tasks in Manali for adrenaline.

Manali's rock climbing location is around twenty minutes from the city. Youths are becoming much more interested in this pastime, and some are also looking for jobs in it.

Rock climbing up prevails in the nearby places of Aleo, Dungri, and Solang Nallah. You may enrol in a program and engage in a one-day rock climbing activity.

Throughout the training, you will understand different rock climbing methods, equipment, knots, and equilibrium. Additionally, a professional instructor will certainly be with you.

January to May and October to December are the very best times to go rock climbing in Manali due to the moderate and comfortable climate throughout these months. This experience vacation is enjoyable to do with your loved ones due to the mild weather conditions throughout these months.

Travelling at Bhrigu Lake

The looming Himalayas encircle this beautiful lake on all sides. Several tourists travel to this location in the heart of the Himalayas to go hiking. Travelling is suitable in Bhrigu Lake because of its awesome elevation.

Positioned in Manali, it is close to several other prominent tourist locations. However, getting to the high altitude takes a very long time.

The location's abundant history is the main factor for many visitors. The popular Bhrigu Samhita is stated to have been penned here by Rishi Bhrigu. Furthermore, it was reported that he once meditated there. Nearby, there's a Nehru kund where visitors may enjoy a springtime that emerges right into the lake.

The most effective time to browse is during the day, which will certainly take you a couple of hours.


One of the finest things to do in Manali during the winter season is ice skiing, as the location is a haven for snow fanatics. Manali is concealed in the Dhauladhar variety, surrounded by the snow-capped Mountain range.

This legendary website experiences lots of snowfall in the winter, which makes it the best location for family getaways and winter sports adventures. Likewise, you may go skiing in the winter season at Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley.

These places have great skiing slopes because of their undulating inclines. You can absorb the peaceful appeal of the surrounding area as well as the fascinating uniqueness of the majestic Mountain range. It's critical to wear appropriate footwear and garments while snowboarding.

With significant snowfall in the location, December to March are the best months to go skiing in Manali. Mid-April is an additional blast for snowboarding, depending on the Manali environment and snowpack.

Visit Vashist Temple & Water Springs

Situated across the Beas river, the Vashist holy place in Manali is dedicated to the sage Vashist, who acted as Lord Rama's Kula instructor. The temple is thought to be at least 4,000 years old, which clarifies why many individuals visit it.

Among the main attractions for tourists in the area are the thermal springs. Many individuals think that these thermal springs have restorative residential or commercial properties that aid in dealing with a range of ailments. To have a pleasing stay in Manali, you might check out the adjoining resorts.

Heli-Skiing on Rohtang Pass

It seems like fun to be raised to the top of the hill by a helicopter and then delight in winter sports on fluffy snow. Heli-skiing is one of the many exciting journey sports available in Manali, in addition to other unusual and amazing searches. You might join this expensive wintertime task in Manali.

When the weather is clear, the helicopter takes you from Manali to a high-altitude snow slope for an exhilarating day of heli-skiing. The trip takes around 3 miles. Chandrakhani Pass, Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, and Rohtang Pass are the places for this sport.

Also, skiing down an incline more than 14,000 feet high is among the most awesome experiences. A fantastic experience is the pure enjoyment of winter sports down the spectacular slopes while taking in the breathtaking sight of the magnificent Himalayas' silvery tops.

For heli-skiing, January and February are the perfect months to go. In the higher altitude areas of the Mountain range, power snow is quickly available throughout the winter months.

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience all that Manali has to offer. Book a taxi from Chandigarh to Manali taxi service today and start an extraordinary journey to this captivating location.

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